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🗲⚡ Flash Fundraiser for Music, Theatre, and Dance 🗲⚡

THANK YOU to all our generous donors! With your help, and a $2,500 fulfilled matching gift from the Gietka Family Foundation, we have surpassed our goal and raised $5,010 for for Music, Theatre, and Dance! We look forward to sharing photos of our students utilizing this new audio technology as soon as we can. Thank you for making an impact!

The Department of Music, Theatre, and Dance is fundraising to purchase an Aviom networked in-ear audio monitoring system. The goal is $5,000 and your gift, of any amount, will help get us there!

An Aviom system was rented for the 2023-2024 productions of Fun Home and Mamma MiaThis networked in-ear audio monitoring system, used by the orchestra in these musicals, has revolutionized our ability to produce clean and clear live music. Using an in-ear system removes the additional speaker monitors from the orchestra, so the sound engineer can mix a more pristine sound. 

Investing in this system will eliminate rental fees and provide audience members pristine audio quality for many years to come!

Providing the Best Salisbury Experience

"The Aviom is an incredible audio monitoring system for our Musical productions. It allows our musicians, and crew, including myself, to learn and work on industry standard equipment for Musical Theatre."

Thank You to Our Supporters!

Melissa Banister

Richard Barbacane

Petra Bernstein

Chezia Cager

Stephanie Campbell

Colleen Clark

Charles Cole

Richard Culver

Stephanie Cyran

Tom Davis

Chrys Egan

Carolyn Elmore

Anne Engles

Kimberly Fabbri-Greener

Jerry Gietka

Rick Givens

Bessie Green

Samantha Hellwege Ulrich

Catherine Jackson

Gretchen Jones

Lawrence Knier

Patricia Lanious

Stephanie Lewis

Hannah Miller

Rommel John Miller

Kelley Moorman

John Nieves

Susan North

Lori Pauling

Christopher Pence

Maarten Pereboom

Michelle Pryor

George Raley

James Reedy

Lacey Robinson

Thea Rudland

Steven  Shriver

Deborah Shuster

Andrea Sicoli

Jon Simmons

Erin Smith

Anne Sparks

Andrea Thomas-Munson

Stephanie Willey

Mary Willis

Thanks To Our Recent Donors!