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Financial Management Association Flash Fundraiser

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🗲⚡ Flash Fundraiser for the Financial Management Association 🗲⚡

The FMA is fundraising to cover the cost of its annual New York City trip for approximately 30 students! 

Your gift will allow students to 
visit financial institutions on Wall Street and learn from finance professionals in a variety of roles. While we are incredibly grateful for the funding provided to Perdue School clubs, we need additional support to continue organizing our annual spring trip. 

Last year's visit included PIMCO, one of the world's largest management firms, Fox Corp., JPMorgan Chase & Co., Goldman Sachs, and the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).
 This experience will provide professional development opportunities, and help students pursue a career in finance that suits their preference. All funds will support the cost of transportation, lodging, and travel expenses for students and chaperones.

The goal is $10,000 and your gift, of any amount, will help get us there!

Testimonial from FMA President, Dylan Mobley

     Greetings! Let's dial it back to the year when the FMA trip to NYC left a lasting impression on me. I've been around the Big Apple a few times with my family, but this particular journey marked a significant turning point in my life.

     Imagine me armed with a professional padfolio and a stack of resumes tailored for every financial heavyweight we were about to meet—Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, PIMCO, FOX News, and the NYSE, to name a few. I was gearing up to engage with major players in the industry, and nerves were doing their dance in my stomach.

    As our bus entered the city, even though I had seen the skyline before, it struck me like a ton of Wall Street bricks. The once lively bus became a mobile library, with everyone sensing the excitement in the air. My hair stood on end—apparently, excitement has its own version of static electricity.

     Following this exhilarating arrival, we seamlessly transitioned into a series of meetings with financial experts where we participated in meetings, asked questions, and then came the real magic—the post-meeting networking. I adeptly gathered LinkedIn connections, opening doors I didn't even know existed.

     Fast forward to a standout member of our group who was a year ahead of me on this NYC journey. He secured an interview on the trip, asked our professor for permission, and now? He's working as an analyst in the city, making some noteworthy moves! 

     Now, for a reality check—our club is facing budget cuts that could jeopardize this eye-opening trip. It's not just about me; it's about every future student missing out on this life-changing experience. This isn't just a testimonial; it's a plea to keep the FMA dream alive for the next generation ready to conquer the concrete jungle.


      -   Dylan Mobley, 

            President | Financial Management Association

Thanks To Our Recent Donors!