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Mark your calendar for American Education Week, November 13-17. 
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🗲⚡ Flash Fundraiser for the May Literacy Center 🗲⚡

The May Literacy Center is fundraising to purchase 10 sets of new Apple technology for student teachers and young filmmakers. Each set includes a iPad pro, Apple pencil, Magic Keyboard, and microphone. Each set costs $1,857, so your gift, combined with others, will make the difference!

Within the center, this technology will support children's reading and literacy development from kindergarten through 8th grade, while allowing current Salisbury University education students to visually document their teaching experience for certification requirements.

This new tech will also support the Live Action Film Academy hosted by the MLC! This academy allows young filmmakers (grades 6-8) to write, produce, and act in their own short films. Learners engage in storyboarding, script writing, filming, and video editing and will use these iPad sets to do it. Check out past films 

The goal is $18,600 and your gift, of any amount, will help get us there!

Thanks To Our Recent Donors!